On 4 and 6 September 2013 Elena mated with Beppo Dello Spirito Del Bosco. On 4 October an ultrasound was made and she is indeed pregnant! If all goes well, puppies will be born beginning November.


Click here for the first photo of one of the puppies


The inbred coefficient of this combination is 0.4% (0.390625), has been calculated over 5 generations and has a high reliability because most pedigree information is available. The number of individuals in 5 generations is 62. With this combination 57 are known.

Beppo Dello Spirito Del Bosco
Beppo Dello Spirito Del Bosco

Height: 48.5 cm

Colour: Brown

Born: 21 february 2010


JE: free -/-

PRA/Cataract: free (tested on 30 January 2013)

Show results: Excellent

Teeth: Complete scissor bite

Furnishing: F/F (free from "shorthair" gen)


Beppo is a handsome, healthy and very sweet dog. He has a friendly, laid-back nature and no trace of inhibition.


Beppo has his own website: