Elena's full name is Elena Donna Casa La Vita and her breeder is Neeltje Sleijpen (www.casalavita.nl).


She is 43 cm high, weighs 13 kg and has a harmoniously built and atlethic body. She is an intelligent, affectionate and energetic dog with an uninhibited, social and friendly character. She is very playful, eager to learn and likes to be near you.... and at times she can be highly spirited. At home she is a quiet and relaxed dog but watchful. She will bark to announce the arrival of visitors to us. When we are out and she is home alone, she does not guard or bark.


Out and about she is a tireless companion who loves to play, swim and snif around. She never barks on walks. She likes to explore and is very curious but not reckless. For example, she would never go into water in an unknown environment before she has checked there is a way out as well. Therefore you won't see her diving into a swimming pool, no matter how tropical the temperatures are.

Hikes with Elena are relaxed and pleasant. Beach, dunes or forest, she equally loves it and we reserve a couple of hours every day to walk with her. She is never far away or long out of sight and puts in a dedicated effort not to lose us. If given the opportunity she likes to run after moving animals but that is as deep as her hunting instinct goes. A duck which is slow diving into the water might at worst receive a push from her nose. A baby rabbit which freezes in fear loses all appeal to her.


When meeting other dogs and people she behaves friendly and conflict-avoiding. A play with a dog she is not familiar with is only considered when many conditions are met: the dog should not be too big, should not behave clumsy and she only wants to play "chase" with her in the role of the "rabbit". If the non-familiar dog breaks her rules, she squeals loudly. If he makes the same mistake again, the game is over and out as far as she is concerned.


Since June 2013, Elena and I have been following a course in trail finding which we both enjoy very much!



Elena always accompanies us on our travels in The Netherlands and Europe and she is a pleasant, flexible and undemanding travel companion.