Elena's show results

The exposition of dogs is a true hobby or passion for a large group of people. It is not my hobby. However, before a dog can make a start in breeding it needs to score minimum twice a VG (Very Good) or E (Excellent) in an exposition. So escape was no option. Fortunately Elena did well so it was not long before we could retire from exposing!


16 January 2011: Clubmatch KV Waalwijk: E

Very good head, bite and expression ; excellent conformation, movement, coat, ringbehaviour and general condition ; lovely friendly temperament


4 February 2011: 34st International Exhibition in Eindhoven: VG

Goed rasbeeld en geslachtstype, prima hals-rugbelijning. Goed vrouwelijk hoofd met iets rond oog. Ondervoorbijter. Goed oor. Prima ribwelving. Harmonisch gehoekt. Zag staartaanzet graag iets hoger. Zag in beweging graag iets meer paslengte. Prima astrakanvacht. Goed temperament.


19 March 2011: International Pedigree dog exhibition KV Rijnland in Leiden: E

13 monate alte, noch ringunenfahrende Hundin. Feminine Kopf und Ausdruck. Correcten Gebaude. Correct in Haar und Farbe. Noch etwas losse in der Bewegung. "Sehr huebschen Hundin"


2 June 2011: Champion Clubmatch (KCM) of the former (now discontinued) Lagotto Club Nederland (LCN) in Esch: E

(third place in a large group with twelve entries)

Lovely head, nice proportions, excellent eyes, ears and nose, neck could be a bit longer, front and rear well balanced, strong, compact body, croupe could be a bit longer, moves well