Breed description

(mainly copied from the LRCN site (

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a happy and enthusiastic dog that can sometimes react a little withdrawn towards new people and experiences. It is extremely important that socialisation begins when the pups are still with the breeder. Pups must get used to all new situations and should be taken everywhere possible by their owners. Sometimes around the age of a year you may see a decline in behaviour and extra attention should again be given to socialisation. At approximately 2 years of age most dogs are stable and easy to handle.


As with all breeds it is important that the Lagotto knows who is the boss. The Lagotto is extremely energetic and needs more than an average amount of exercise. He loves to work for his boss, enjoys learning new things and will do anything for a treat. The Lagotto has a great “will to please”, is intelligent, manoeuvrable and quick making them perfect for many different dog activities. Whether it be obedience, searching, fly-ball or agility the Lagotto will take part with much enthusiasm. Swimming is a favourite hobby for most Lagotti.


Normally Lagotti are social to other pets, animals, people and children as long as they have been correctly socialized from puppyhood. They certainly are not dominant dogs looking for a fight. Visitors will be loudly announced.


The Lagotti have a very high “cuddle factor”. That can be a catch for new owners who might let the dog get away with undesired behaviour because it looks so cute. Since the Lagotti are extremely intelligent, they will quickly learn to use this to their own advantage. The Lagotto has a strong character, needs leadership and in some situations support from its owner. The Lagotti do not shed fur. People with allergies for dogs generally don’t have this problem with a Lagotto. All in all a wonderful family dog that will give you many years of pleasure.